Sunday, April 18, 2010

Khador Vs. Trollblood

On Saturday (yesterday), Ben and had another battle.

He brought a fairly similar Trollblood list as last time.

Mine Was:
The Butcher
War Dog
Winter Guard with Officer & Standard Bearer, and 2 rocketeers

I succeeded in destroying everything but his Warlock.

He however, took out the Butcher before I could take out his Warlock, so, his win.

Good game Ben!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Khador vs. Trollkin round 2

Played Ben again on 4/9/2010. We both brought 25 point lists. Ben's list was all about melee, and all of his units were on at least medium bases. Eventually I was able to get through to his Warlock and take him down. It was a lot of fun. I always enjoy learning about the enemies units through combat. Much more interesting than simply reading the stat cards.

My List:
The Butcher
- Devastator
- Decimator
- Winter Guard unit with 6 troops
    (this winter guard unit did a good job of holding it's own due to the Butcher's Iron Flesh spell)
  - Leiutenant and Standard Bearer attachment
  - 2x Rocketeer attachments
- Assault Kommandos (6)

I used the butcher a bit more in this fight, buffing the winter guard unit with Iron Flesh, popping his feat at the right moment (his feat adds one die to dmg rolls).

Fun game!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Finally got my game on!

This past saturday (4/3/2010) I finally got back into the swing of things with a small skirmish between my tiny Khador force, and Ben's Trollkin force.

I forget exactly who Ben used, but I know one of them was a sizable warbeast with a small dude riding on his back with a gatlin gun. There were some other small units that had advanced deployment, plus they were sneaky hunter types with toughness.

I took the following 15 pt army:
The Butcher of Khardov
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt (Thanks for the Mk II stat card from the guys at Asgard!)

Holt was dusted off rather quickly (wah!), and then after a couple of rounds my Kodiak went down. I tried taking out a number of the trollkin forces with the devastator. I successfully damaged one of his warbeasts significantly, but the hunter types completely survived the attack through their toughness (instead of dying, they were knocked down). I did manage to take out about three of them early on, but the other three caused me some grief.

Ultimately, the Butcher fell under superior firepower, thus ending the match.

I think I may re-tool, possibly dropping the Kodiak for some ranged infantry, or a Destroyer (which has a ranged AOE attack).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Battle Report - Khador vs. Khador

I played 500 point game against a young kid at the game store on Thursday, 7/16. It appeared that he has played about as much as I have. I realized just now that I somehow left my Man-O-War Kovnik out of the fight.

My Army List:
- Devastator
- Kodiak
Man-O-War Drakhun
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Man-O-War Kovnik

His Army List:
- Destroyer
- Destroyer
- Juggernaut
3 Man-O-War demolition Corps Unit

Ultimately I lost. The Butcher was taken down.

Lessons learned:
1) Make sure your entire army is fielded (doh!)
2) Use the devastator (or another jack) to throw Man-O-War Drakhun at the enemy. Man-O-War Drakhun cannot be knocked down, so he will be standing after being thrown. Use some focus to make sure you make your rolls. Also, make sure you do Drakhun's attacks before throwing him.
3) With Kodiak, the objective is to use another jack to knock down your opponenets (throwing one into another works nicely), and then close in with the kodiak and use focus to bump up the number of attacks you use. This is devastating to a jack that's knocked down.

From my previous game:
Lady A. and M. Holt: Keep them together, keep lady's invis up, close to within melee with Lady A. This gives holt all kinds of boosts to his attacks. Great for assasinating bad guys. Will flesh this out with more details later.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for the blurry photo. My first generation iPhone has a camera which is just AWESOME! (not). I hope to soon start using a better camera for these types of photos. Bear with me and I will post improved photos at some point in the future.

This is Lady Aiyana & Master Holt.
I finished painting these guys tonight.

They are a pair of mercenary figures that work as a team. Follow the link above if you're bored and want to know more.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Wargaming Podcasts

There's a number of good wargaming podcasts out there. Some are even a bit entertaining.

The D6 Generation - good general podcast about wargaming, but also includes a lot of reviews of board games, and some really interesting interviews with gaming industry folks. They even get their wives in on the podcast!

Guts and Gears - A very new podcast devoted entirely to Warmachine and Hordes. Still a bit raw, but getting better with every episode.

Worlds End Radio - Seems to do a fair balance between Warmachine and Warhammer/Games Workshop (unless I'm getting some of the shows mixed up).

Both Worlds End Radio and The D6 Generation are part of the Wargamers Radio Network, which seems to currently encompass 4 podcasts (unless I'm counting wrong, which is possible). This is a good jump-off point to find more, but I would go directly to each podcast's site for the latest episodes. the WRN page seems to lag behind a bit sometimes.

The Butcher and his Minions!

I'm still working on my painting/modeling technique. In order of appearance: Top Left: Destroyer, Center: The Butcher, Top Right: Berserker, Bottom Left: Devastator, Bottom Right: Kodiak.

I think I painted these in the order of Devastator, Berserker, Destroyer, Kodiak, and The Butcher. I just now playing with dry brushing, so these models are a little paint heavy. Still not too bad for a rank amateur :-)
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